2019 Summer ​​​​​Workshop

was held at

The Out of Door Academy

in Sarasota, Florida
July 15 - July 19 
July 22 - July 26

     The 2019 Summer Camp was fantastic. We had two weeks of non-stop in-your-face engineering with lots of collaboration, enthusiasm, innovation, and creativity. We covered (micro)electronics, mechanics, AC/DC motors, electromagnetics, photons, reliability, failure modes and mechanisms, aerodynamics and aviation, precision drone flying with the DJI Tello drone, Ultimate Frisbee, entrepreneurship, leadership, and history. We brainstormed on a new invention that we plan to develop and license as a group. Students learned the FPGA and began developing their own innovative digital circuit designs using binary math, schematic capture, logic design, Boolean algebra, and DeMorgan's theorem, on the Intel/Altera FPGA development platform using Quartus II.

     The pics below are just a small sample of the great time we had. Thanks to all the students for one of the best summers ever. You proved what young adults can do under the right conditions when challenged unbridled and allowed to do what you do best. We hope to see you again.​ Thank you Tammy and thank you ODA.

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