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2013 Engineering Minds Summer Workshop

was held in Tampa


The past two weeks have been an absolutely wonderful experience for our daughter. Every afternoon in the car on the way home she talks about all the things she learned, things she had no idea even existed. It has been truly eye opening for her. Thanks for making this such a great experience for her and the other kids!

St. Petersburg


The best summer camp our son has ever attended. Dr. Athan has a gift for communicating with young people and introducing them to Engineering concepts and projects in ways that keep the subject matter interesting and fun, yet advanced.



Wow what a week! My daughter loved it this week and can't wait for next week. Yesterday, I brought her back to work with me and she setup her computer and proceeded to work a little more on her circuit board. My company's engineering manager was astonished at what she was doing and said he didn't learn about Binary, Octal, Hex or ASCII til college. He was impressed! I told him she could intern for him in 2 years.