The RAD Climber is the only portable interactive climbing toy in the world used to teach engineering principles, develop coordination and maintain health, and promote cooperation, creativity, and innovation. It is used in gyms, classrooms, playgrounds, camps, homes, and parks. It requires NO screws, nuts, bolts, or tools, and can be rapidly assembled or disassembled by children of all ages, indoors or outdoors. It is patented and manufactured in the US using extra high grade PVC with built-in UV protection, ideal for outdoor use. A three-story RAD Climber stands 7'8" tall, weighs only 80 pounds, and supports over 1,800 pounds (see photo below right).

The portable RAD Climber weighs only 81 lbs. and can hold over 1,800 lbs.

Proudly Made in the U.S.A.

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