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Stephan P. Athan, Ph.D.

Engineer, Educator, Innovator, Mentor, Pilot


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Dr. Athan is a veteran engineer and educator who has dedicated his academic and professional career to developing and building engineering talent in young men and women. This includes mentoring students, educators, and other professionals in engineering and technical areas of interest, working in broad and specialized project areas, and developing custom curricula as part of Engineering Minds. He has been mentoring students for over 30 years providing them directly with highly successful transitions into industry and academia (e.g. Schlumberger, TI, AMD, JPL, NASA, Cornell). Dr. Athan volunteers as a judge at annual regional, state, and international science and engineering competitions, including FSEF and Intel ISEF. He is a forensic expert witness qualified in federal district court on technology, medical devices, patents and licensing, and police radar. Dr. Athan received a B.S.E.E., M.S.E.E., and Ph.D. in electrical engineering from the University of South Florida and the Center for Microelectronics Research. He is an accomplished pianist and competed in the 1998 Hawaii Ironman® World Triathlon while conducting research with Professor Michael Hawley at the MIT Media Lab on non-invasive vital sign monitoring and detection to onset to dehydration. He holds 12 patents, sings opera, and is an aerobatic pilot.