We Teach Altera

FPGA Technology

Former engineering student and Cornell graduate, Joseph Lakeman, heading for a career at Altera Corporation in Silicon Valley.

RAD Climber is the ONLY portable interactive engineering apparatus in the world.

Dr. Athan presenting

"Re-Engineering Engineering Education"

Microelectronics Timeline - The Electron's Perspective

Printed versions & FREE iPhone and iPad App available.


- Engineering Education for Middle/High School Like No Other -

Preparing students "today" for exciting careers in engineering.

​Teaching Theory, Application, and Career Skills.

Workshops, Mentoring, Science Projects, Skype, Instruction, Curricula.

Developed and Taught by Real Engineers.

- Engineering Minds Virtual Workshops -

Introduction to Engineering

Beginning November 1, 2016.

These are online virtual workshops between students and engineering mentor using Skype. The format is built upon a student's current academic curricula in science, math, physics, chemistry, and biology and is used as a foundation to high level topics in electrical, mechanical, petroleum, computer, aerospace, and biomedical engineering. This is not a tutoring exercise but, rather, an enhancement of a student's existing curriculum raising the level of interest while transitioning students into higher level topics based on the Engineering Minds curriculum focusing on theory, application, and career skills.

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