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Altera FPGA Technology

Former student and Cornell graduate Joseph Lakeman heading for a career at Altera Corporation ( in Silicon Valley.


     We were looking for an interesting and fun, yet challenging camp for our home-schooled son. He had been to previous camps in the State but none had really engaged him the way we hoped. After much searching, we found Engineering Minds online.  After speaking with Dr. Athan and getting a sense of his passion for the program, we enrolled our son in the two week camp. After the first day, we knew something special was taking place. Our son couldn't stop talking about the class. His enthusiasm peaked the interest of his younger brother to the point where we had no choice but to enroll him in the camp as well.  
     Our sons were truly excited about the program and Dr. Athan's teaching style.  They learned a tremendous amount during those two weeks and also enjoyed the interaction with their peers. We were impressed that our sons were taught engineering concepts at the collegiate level. Dr. Athan has a gift for communicating with children and keeps their interest. We are very grateful to him for his passion and commitment to getting the most out of these young minds. The program exceeded our every expectation and we look forward to many more camps in coming years and hopefully, in the near future, a camp closer to home in Fort Lauderdale.

Ft. Lauderdale

July 2015

Microelectronics Timeline - The Electron's Perspective

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