Frederick Soddy, FRS

September 2, 1877

Andy Grove

September 2, 1936

Former engineering student and Cornell graduate, Joseph Lakeman, heading for a career at Altera Corporation in Silicon Valley.

Microelectronics Timeline - The Electron's Perspective

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FPGA Technology

Irene Joliot-Curie

September 12, 1897

Enrico Fermi

September 29, 1901

Serge Haroche

September 11, 1944

Adolph Fick

September 3, 1829

RAD Climber is the ONLY portable interactive engineering apparatus in the world.

Arthur Compton

September 10, 1892

Dr. Athan presenting

"Re-Engineering Engineering Education"

September Birthdays.

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Michael Faraday

September 22, 1791