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Summer Workshop: "NASA Mission to Mars and the Orion Spacecraft"

This summer we will Skype with Ms. Lara Kearney, Manager, Orion Crew and Service Modules within the Orion Program Office at NASA's Johnson Space Center (JSC). Ms. Kearney is responsible for the daily oversight and management of the development of the Orion Crew Module and Service Module, including the necessary Structures, Mechanisms, Pyrotechnics, Propulsion, Thermal Protection System, Landing and Recovery System, Environmental Control and Life Support System, and Crew Equipment.

Dr. Athan presenting

"Re-Engineering Engineering Education".

RAD Climber

The only portable interactive

climbing toy in the world


Altera FPGA Technology

Former engineering student and Cornell graduate, Joseph Lakeman, heading for a career at Altera Corporation in Silicon Valley.

Microelectronics Timeline - The Electron's Perspective

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