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Dr. Athan presenting

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RAD Climber is the ONLY portable interactive engineering apparatus in the world.

- Summer 2017 Workshops Announced -

We are pleased to announce the 2017 Summer Workshops will be held at Corbett Prep School of IDS over 7 weeks in Tampa. A different engineering topic will be covered each week and students can register for as many as they like. Topics include electrical, mechanical, energy, computer science, aerospace, and biomedical engineering where students will be introduced to the FPGA. They will also manufacture their own RAD Climber in week 7. Morning workshops for grades 9-12 and afternoon workshops for grades 5-8. Classes are capped at 16 students. 

Corbett Prep School of IDS Summer Schedule

or contact us at 813-493-4773

We Teach Altera

FPGA Technology

Former engineering student and Cornell graduate, Joseph Lakeman, heading for a career at Altera Corporation in Silicon Valley.

Microelectronics Timeline - The Electron's Perspective

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